Fall 2019 Courses

The classes listed below are the adult electives being offered this Fall.  Each class is considered an "open course" meaning anyone is welcome to attend.  100 level courses are designed to be for all audiences while 200 level courses are considered a bit more advanced and are designed assuming the attendee has a basic understanding and foundation in Christian doctrine.  All classes are free of charge and no pre-registration is required. 

  • THE SPIRIT-FILLED LIFE: Distinctives of the holy spirit    TH102

    Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 AM in the Cove Classroom starting on 9/8/19

    Teacher:  John Dorrough

    Jesus entire earthly ministry was conducted under the empowerment of His Father’s Spirit.  So central was this to Jesus that His core instruction for His followers prior to His asencion into heaven was for them to seek the infilling and empowerment of His Spirit which was available to all believers.  This class will dive into who the Holy Spirit is and how they can expect Him to operate in their lives.  Topics will include what it means to be led by the Spirit, the anointing of the Spirit and the role of the Spirit in enabling us with spiritual gifts.   Class will be lecture-based.

  • FOUNDATIONS: Building blocks of the christian life     NB101

    Wednesday Evenings @ 7:00 PM in the Cove Classroom starting on 9/11/19

    Teacher:  Pastor Mack Palmer

    This course is based on the ALPHA curriculum utilized by thousands of churches for well over a decade.  Topics will include understanding who Jesus is and what it means to surrender one’s life to Him.  Additionally, the course wil explain the relevance and importance of the church and the Scriptures to realizing a strong walk of faith.  Additionally, the course will also explore the importance of knowing who the Holy Spirit is as part of the Godhead and His essential role in spiritual growth.  Classes will be a combination of video-based curriculum and discussion.

  • explaining evil: defending the faith             TH201

    Wednesday Evenings @ 7:00 PM in the Sanctuary starting on 9/11/19

    Teacher:  Pastor Lane Douglas

    Perhaps one of the biggest challenges to Christianity is the question, “How can an all-loving God allow evil in the world?”  The question often is used as both an excuse as to why someone won’t explore Christianity or even as a reason as to why someone is leaving the faith.  In this course, we’ll explore the topic head on.  Scriptural foundation will be given to help understand why God allows evil within His creation to include evil brought on through others as well as that which simply “appears” like sickness or disease.  Classes will be lecture-based.