Live Updates On Coronavirus

As a means of staying up to date with our church family, all updates and news regarding how the Coronavirus pandemic affects our church will be posted here.


    The last week has been like nothing we have ever seen.  Together we have witnessed how uncertain our world can be and how much we need to lean and trust in Jesus.   We take great assurance in knowing that He has all things under His control.

    Late last week, Governor Hogan updated his prohibited all gatherings larger than 50 people.  This ruling impacted just about every area of our congregation.

    In response, we have decided for the safety of our congregation to:

    1. Cancel all meetings and services until we are instructed otherwise. 
    2. Close the church office to the public meetings/visits

    Please know that our Coastal team is still available and ready to serve.  We would just ask that you contact us through phone, email, or text message for the next few weeks.

    If you unable to or if it is unwise for you to get medical or other supply, our staff and other volunteers are available to assist you.  Our leadership is especially concerned for those who have recently become unemployed due to the shutdown.  Please talk with us to see if we are able to help.

    Our plan moving forward is to conduct our services online every Wednesday nights at 7 pm and Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.  We are also going to add a worship element to allow us to give praise together.  We are grateful for your patience and apology if we haven’t communicated clearly to everyone. 

    For the most updated information moving forward, please connect with us through Facebook or our website.  Also, our Youth have an Instagram page (@coastalyouthoc) and our Coastal KIDS have a Facebook Group you can find linked to our main Facebook Page.

    Also, please consider signing up for our text message alert service again if you didn’t receive a cancelation message this weekend by texting EZcoastal to 313131
    The Elder & Pastoral Team


    Coastal Community Church currently helps both OCES and Showell Elementary by supporting them in their backpack program.  The program feeds at-risk kids by sending them home every Friday with food for the weekend.  With the state-mandated school closures... this has created a need to help these kids for more than just a weekend.  

    The schools are looking to collect packaged food that 4-9 yr olds can easily open and eat:

    • small boxes of cereal
    • mac and cheese ( that doesn't need milk)
    • juice boxes
    • tuna
    • cereal bars
    • small oranges
    • ramen noodles
    • fruit snacks
    • applesauce
    • etc

    Donations can be dropped off at Coastal Community Church, 10900 Ocean Gateway. ( Rt 50 next to Race Track Auto). There will be a collection bin outside the main entrance where donations can be dropped. Bags will be packed on Thursday morning, and the school counselor will deliver them to the children. She would like to pack double this first Thursday, so we would need two weeks worth of donations by this Thursday, 3/19. 

    For more information, don't hesitate to contact Deneen Ryan who teaches at OCES, at 443-859-0126.


    By now we're sure everyone has heard of Governor Hogan's decision today to escalate Maryland's response to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the unprecedented measures of closing Maryland's Port of Baltimore and shutting down all public schools through March 27th, the Governor signed an executive order prohibiting gatherings larger than 250 people. This includes religious organizations of which our church would be included.

    The elders and pastors conferred today and a decision was made to do the following:

    • Cancel Coastal Youth this Friday (March 13)
    • Cancel all services this coming Sunday (March 15)
    • Cancel Midweek events (March 18th) to include all adult classes and children's ministries.
    • Cancel (in coordination with Sonrise Church) the Father/Daughter Dance scheduled for this coming Saturday (March 14)
    • Cancel all Community Groups for this week. (Will re-asses in future)
    • NOTE:  There may be additional closings beyond this, but for now, we will take this week to week.

    It's important to understand that this is the closure of our BUILDING... it is NOT the closing or stopping of our being the church. As members and stewards of our community, we want to abide by the requests of our legal authorities exactly as God has asked. (Romans 13) The Governor and our local leaders are doing their best to stem the tide of infections and prevent an overload on our healthcare workers... and we want to do our part to help save lives.

    During this time, however, we do NOT stop operating as the church. To that end, we would encourage everyone to do the following:

    - Remain in prayer. For your families, for our communities, for our healthcare workers and local authorities who are going to be spending countless hours in the upcoming weeks doing their best to manage this. There is nothing more important we can do then seek God's favor and intervention for our community and world.

    - Look for opportunities to serve. There are specific segments of our population more at risk than others such as the elderly and those with preexisting health conditions. Whether they are in your neighborhood or simply people you know, look out for them. See about picking up groceries, filling prescriptions or offering rides for healthcare visits. Additionally, if you are part of our church and are IN NEED of assistance... please let us know by calling or emailing the church.

    - Stay connected virtually. We will use video-based teachings and online outlets to deliver Sunday messages and Midweek teachings both as a means of continuing to feed our church spiritually as well as a way of just helping to keep a sense of normalcy in what is clearly an out-of-the-ordinary situation. Tune in through Facebook or our website and join in discussions through comments or emails.

    - Continue to give. Following the model of the Macedonian church in 2 Corinthians 8... we want to be found by God to have the same heart as they did. Our church acts as a support and lifeline for multiple ministries and missionaries beyond our doors who face these kinds of difficult scenarios on a daily basis in the regions they serve. We want to do our best to continue to support them and see God bless them in spite of our own "great trial of affliction." Use our online giving on our website or feel free to mail in your offering.

    - Be a responsible community member. We highly encourage everyone to follow the guidelines being posted by both our local and federal authorities. If you would begin to feel ill, or discover you have been exposed to someone who is, please adhere to all self-quarantine requests and thereby prevent unnecessary exposure for others. For updates here in Maryland you can visit To learn more about CDC guidelines, you can go here.

    Finally... we'll post all of our updates to stay in contact with you through the following:

    - Our church Facebook page

    - Our church website:

    The Christian walk must be a balanced one that rests on the pillars of faith and wisdom. Through faith, we know that God is in control at all times and as a result, we push panic and fear back through prayer and praise. We also know that wisdom has to be exercised given that this side of heaven... sickness, disease and trials are realities through which we must live. Be encouraged that our God will guide us. More than that... let's pray He uses us during this to rise up and display His truth to our immediate community.

    The Elder & Pastoral Team