So What's Changing?

With the recent update on COVID guidelines by the CDC, we are excited at the pace with which we are heading back to “normal” here at Coastal.  Specifically, the CDC announced that people having received vaccinations can safely go without masks at nearly all outdoor events and most indoor ones.  Additionally, Governor Hogan has now lifted all restrictions which includes distancing requirements and mask mandates.  This includes both indoor and outdoor facilities to include churches.  This is phenomenal progress and truly allows us the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

How Does This Affect THIS Sunday’s Gathering? (5/16/21)

  1. Masks will no longer be required on our campus

  2. Tickets are still required… but please read why!   As any church of our size knows, planning for our larger gatherings happens weeks in advance.  While we celebrate the updates this week, we need a little time to ramp up our volunteers.  This includes Children’s workers, hospitality workers, altar ministry teams, production crew, etc.  We have already begun reaching out to these teams to help us get up to speed rapidly, but this can’t be achieved by THIS Sunday. That being said, the NUMBER of tickets available for each service has been dramatically increased but limitations will still be noticeable with our Children’s services.

We can’t thank you enough as a congregation for how you have weathered this storm with us.  You have made it incredibly easy for your leadership to make decisions and guide us towards this end.  We’re just weeks away from this being a distant memory… and we give God the thanks and praise for that.

The Pastoral & Elder Team