What We Believe

We are a Christian Church that is casual in dress, contemporary in style, and Christ-centered in belief

In short...

We believe that God created everything perfect and good, but because of our rebellion, our relationship with Him and all of creation became corrupted and broken.

Despite our disobedience, God didn’t turn his back on us. Instead, He initiated a search and rescue plan, ultimately by sending his son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die to pay the necessary debt for our sin.

God’s ultimate plan for us and the world is to restore back to perfection what has been broken. This will happen entirely when Jesus comes back again. In the meantime, God has given us the opportunity to participate in His mission of making Jesus known and bringing hope and life to our local area and around the world.

God reveals who He is and His plan for our world through the Bible. The Bible is exclusively God’s revealed Word to humanity, and there is no other.